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Welcome to the HostBridge Documentation Wiki.  Here you can find everything you need to know about how to install, configure, use and troubleshoot HostBridge.  

This is the place you come to first when you need to know about HostBridge.  At the bottom of most pages are comment sections.  If something is unclear or insufficient please let us know there and we will fix it.

Please note a new link to the right of this block (  This link will lead you to a new site where we describe, among other things, how to generate a JavaScript object from a COBOL copybook, generate a screen/field object, and send files we request from you to us depending on their size.

Another new link is HostBridge Code Share.  This link connects you to tips and suggestions for executing certain tasks within the HB.js and other environments. 

Open a support ticket by email:

Open a support ticket bweb:

Contact us bphone: 1-866-965-2427 (US), +1-405-533-2900 (Int)

Other email:,

Other information (including software downloads): Click here.

HostBridge Installation: Instructions

HostBridge Useful Tools: 

HostBridge Code Share: Click here.

Search the Documentation

Search the Knowledge Base

Current Documentation

Getting Started 

HB.js API (HB.js)

Base HostBridge



Transaction Analytics Connector (HTAC)

Legacy Documentation

Process Automation (HBX) (Deprecated)

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