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Using HB.js, it is possible to create packages that can only be run internally (meaning that they cannot be executed directly using a HTTP request, but can be only be executed from within a service).   This is to allow for reusability of code and to provide additional security against unauthorized use of that code.

Naming Conventions

In order to mark a package as internal use only, you merely need to name the package starting with an underscore or an @ sign:





However, there is no restriction (other than the naming convention above) to what a package is composed of.  Any HB.js construct (JavaScript code, objects, functions) can be used when creating a package.

Standalone Testing of a Package

You can test a package by doing the following:

  • In your CICS region, create a transaction with the name of your choice that references the PROGRAM(HBR$JSE).
  • In your service repository (ex. hbscript), create a service called _tranid_NAME,  where NAME is the transaction defined in the prior step.  This service can either do nothing except invoke a package, or can be a script that does any number of things.
  • You can then execute the _tranid_NAME service by running the defined tranid from a terminal.  If you are using this service to invoke a package and the test succeeds,  then you should be able to invoke the package from any service successfully.

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