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The HBZT CPU function is used to provide CPU usage statistics for a given address space, as taken from the Address Space Secondary Block (ASSB).

This function is a utility that is provided by HostBridge in object form and may be freely copied and used.

The format of the HBZT CPU command is:


where asid is the address space ID within an ASSB that you wish to provide statistics for.  The asid parameter is optional; if it is omitted, statistics will be shown for the CICS region that you are issuing the HBZT command from.

When you invoke the CPU function by typing in:

and press the Enter key, you will see a screen similar to:

The allowed PF key functions from this screen are:

  • Enter - Update the running statistics totals
  • PF1 - Establish a baseline statistics point
  • PF2 - Toggle back and forth between running statistics and statistics since the last baseline
  • PF5 - Update the current statistics and establish a baseline statistics point at the same time
  • Clear - Exit the CPU function 

To display statistics for an ASID, view your SDSF DA panel (or equivalent) to determine the value of the ASID you wish to view specifics for.  In this case, you wish to view the statistics for ASSBJNBS DBCGDIST:

For DBCGDIST, the ASID number is 71.  Therefore, you would enter:


and press the Enter key.  The following screen will appear:

On the top line, the value for ASSBJNBS is extracted from the ASSB control block.  Thus, you can confirm that your are observing the correct address space.

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