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The HBZT INITialize function is used to initialize the HostBridge for zIIP (HBz) environment in a CICS region.  The initialization process will create the base control block for HostBridge and update it based on information contained in the HBz PARMLIB members HBZ@INIT and HBZ@AUTO. (For a further description of the PARMLIB members, click here.)

The format of the HBZT INITialize command is:


Specifying HBZT INIT,AUTO will cause HostBridge to attempt to read the HBz PARMLIB member named HBZ@AUTO. If such a member exists, then HostBridge will read each record in the PARMLIB member (which should contain a list of valid HBz Servers) and will attempt to ENABle, STARt, and NEWCopy each server in that list as part of the initialization process.   Note:  The sample HBZ@AUTO template provided by HostBridge contains the two default servers BASE and JSE.

Specifying HBZT INIT,NOAUTO will allow the HostBridge initialization process to proceed, but no attempt will be made to ENABle, STARt, and NEWCopy HBz servers.

If neither AUTO or NOAUTO is specified, the default is AUTO.

When you invoke the INITialization function by typing in:

and press the Enter key, you will see a series of screens similar to:

The screens above show the following processes performed (in order):

  • The creation of the HBz base control block (also known as the anchor block) and inclusion of base parameter specifications within the control block by reading the HBZ@INIT PARMLIB member (in this case, TRACE=0)
  • The determination of the Servers to be ENABled, STARted and NEWCopied by reading the HBZ@AUTO PARMLIB member (in this case BASE and JSE)
  • A log of the ENABlement, STARt and NEWCopy for each Server defined in the HBZ@AUTO PARMLIB member, including the specific directives for each Server as defined in the HBZ@BASE and HBZ@JSE PARMLIB members
  • A summary list of the servers at the end, indicating their current status

For further description of the PARMLIB members above, click here.

The HBz automatic initialization process can be invoked automatically when a region starts by including the program HBZ$INIT in the region's PLT (final initialization phase). When this is done, the HBZT INIT,AUTO transaction is automatically invoked via an EXEC CICS START command and the initialization is performed.  (For further information on adding HBZ$INIT to the PLT, click here.)

If you attempt to initialize the HostBridge for zIIP (HBz) environment when it is already initialized, you will see the following error message:

You should then press the Enter key to be able to request further HBZT functions.

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