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The HBZT LIST function is used to display the status of all enabled HostBridge for zIIP (HBz) Servers in a CICS region.

This function is equivalent to performing a series of HBZT STATus commands against all enabled Servers, but only receiving the first line of STATus information for each Server.

The format of the HBZT LIST command is:


No additional parameters are needed for this command.

When you invoke the LIST function by typing in:

and press the Enter key, you will see a screen similar to:

The status of all enabled Servers is displayed.

If the LIST function is invoked in any of the following situations:

  • When HBz is not INITialized
  • When no HBz servers are ENABled

the following error message will appear:

You should then press the Enter key to be able to invoke further HostBridge functions.

Related Functions:


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