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The HB_DELETE_SESSION directive may be used to instruct HostBridge to destroy bridge facilities after a request.

This directive only operates when using the LINK3270 interface with HostBridge (the normal mode of operation for z/OS systems running CICS TS 2.2 or later).  It does not operate in the VSE environment.

When setting the directives HB_LINK3270=1 and HB_SHOW_TOKEN=1,  then HB_DELETE_SESSION=1 is automatically set as well.

Format:  HB_DELETE_SESSION=value or <hb_delete_session>value</hb_delete_session>           


0Do not delete sessions (bridge facilities) after transactions run.
1Delete sessions (bridge facilities) after transactions run.
2Delete sessions (bridge facilities) whether or not a transaction runs.

Because of its unconditional nature, DELETE_SESSION=2 must be used judiciously.  It should only be used in a command string by itself, as it will be executed first in a command string no matter what else is in it - and cause any other directives in a command string to be ignored.  Therefore, in HB.js nomenclature:"hb_entry=CEMT-I SYS")"hb_aid=PF3&delete_session=1")

The PF3 will be executed before the session is deleted, while"hb_entry=CEMT-I SYS")"hb_aid=PF3&delete_session=2")

The delete of the session is performed first, and the execution of the PF3 function will NOT occurs, since the session is already destroyed.  This is especially important in conversational transactions, where sessions that are supposed to be terminated will remain active; this can eventually cause performance and storage issues.

Default Value:  0

Example:   HB_DELETE_SESSION=2 or <hb_delete_session>2</hb_delete_session>   

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