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The HB_LINK3270 directive determines whether HostBridge uses the 3270 bridge or the Link3270 bridge to execute CICS transactions under CICS Transaction Server 2.2 or higher. 

The Link3270 bridge Basic Interface provides support for MRO and named bridge facilities. The Link3270 Extended Interface adds support for ACCUM and SEND PAGE / PURGE MESSAGE.

This directive only functions with CICS TS 2.2 or higher.  It has no meaning in the VSE environment (the LINK3270 bridge does not exist in VSE CICS TS 1.1.1, and therefore the value of HB_LINK3270 is automatically set to 0.)

Format:  HB_LINK3270=value or <hb_link3270>value</hb_link3270>


0Tells HostBridge to use the 3270 bridge instead of the Link3270 bridge
1Tells HostBridge to use the Link3270 Basic Interface
2Tells HostBridge to use the Link3270 Extended Interface

Default Values:   0 for VSE, 1 for z/OS CICS TS 2.2, and 2 for z/OS CICS TS 2.3 or later
Example:  HB_LINK3270=0 or <hb_link3270>0</hb_link3270>            

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