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The HBAX FLUSh sub-command is used to reset the counters for all activities for set.subset in the current hour to zero.

The formats of the sub-command are:

HBAX FLUS set.subset (where set.subset is the name of the activities set and subset that you want to flush)

HBAX FLUS CYCle (immediately performs a FLUSh on all activities and then schedules a FLUSH on the next hour)

HBAX FLUS SCHedule (schedules a FLUSh on the next hour)

HBAX FLUS CANcel (cancel the next scheduled FLUSh) 

HBAX FLUS INQuire (displays the time and reqid of the next scheduled FLUSh)

Optionally, you can add HBAX directives to the end of the sub-command string by adding a semicolon followed by the directive(s):

HBAX FLUS testset.testsubset;DISP=Y,PARMS=N

A list of all of the directives and their meanings can be found here.

The sub-command is initiated from a cleared screen:

When you press the Enter key, the following (or similar) will be displayed:

 Continue to press the Enter key to either display further information or to eventually take you back to the previous screen: 

Subsequently displaying the activities for the set/subset will show all totals reset to zero:

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