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I need to refresh my license key while CICS is running.  The old license key is in load module format, and the new one is a member in my HostBridge PARMLIB.  How do I do this?

This capability currently exists within HBSM (HostBridge Session Monitor).  The customer must do the following for it to work:

First, delete or rename HBR@LICN (the module) in the appropriate load library.

Next, perform a CEMT DISCARD PROGRAM(HBR@LICN) on the region in question.

Next, enter HBSM and, from the primary menu, select L and press the enter key.  You should arrive at a screen that shows the current license key(s) (if any).

Finally, press the F2 key.  The license key will be refreshed from the HBPARMS DOCTEMPLATE PDS member and a new list of license keys will be written to the HBSTART log.   

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