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The following is a list of product fixes, documentation changes, utility script (hbutils) improvements, and enhancements introduced in version 6.91 of HostBridge.

Product Fixes

  • [CS-559] - Ensures that specifying HBR$AUTH exit when CWXN elimination is in place does not cause abend 
  • [CS-566] - Remove unnecessary logging of messages for DB2 support
  • [CS-584] - Corrected RDO entries for program HBZCTRNC and transaction HBZC to match EXECKEY/EXECDATAKEY values of CICS
  • [CS-604] - UNPACK installation job modified to include HBSTATS
  • [CS-613] - (Sample Script) Provided means to handle Thai Character (utf-8) Input from script to host by separating content header and charset value
  • [CS-671} - Corrected HBSM SAF check which failed for good SAF class defined to a repository
  • [CS-675] - Fixed an out-of-memory condition when copying a large amount of data into a script
  • [CS-675] - Avoids errors for EXEC CICS WEB SEND when certain HTTP status codes are detected
  • [CS-676] - Improved HB shutdown process to eliminate potential A03 abends
  • [CS-677] - Prevented abend 4000 in HBIACTID and corresponding locking situation
  • [CS-681] - Corrected the high speed parser HB.Json().parse (HBR$DJSN) to handle strings with escaped characters
  • [CS-683] - Prevented abend 'S0C4' in HBR$DMAI+00095A36 and HBZIQFRR+00000000
  • [CS-692] - Corrected issue with making outbound HostBridge request
  • [CS-705] - Prevents abend when the last character of a map name is x'00'
  • [CS-732] - Corrects an issue with MQ get returning a number instead of an message object
  • [CS-740] - Disabled internal VIDD logging and DB2 logging - High SPOOL Usage Issue
  • [CS-746] - Corrects error when using alternate terminal size
  • [CS-761] - Corrects a state block corruption issue
  • [CS-777] - Improved detection code for 0x32 version BMS maps
  • [CS-784] - Reduces the number of SAF errors in CICS log if HostBridge denies SAF access
  • [CS-788] - Fixed instance where cics.exec.inquireTask property attachtime is undefined
  • [CS-796] - Corrects instance where some values set into PIC 9(13)V99 fail to be truncated properly
  • [CS-808] - Corrects issue where StringBuffer.setBinaryAt rejects binary values outside a too-strict range 
  • [CS-812] - Corrects a state block corruption issue
  • [CS-818] - Corrects storage issue for scripts that do a large number of requests
  • [CS-828] - Corrects an issue where a state block corruption instance was being falsely reported
  • [CS-861] - Addresses an issue where HBR$DBAS was loaded each so the writeable stack storage was also allocated;  the load now is only done once regardless of the number of invocations
  • [CS-938] - Modified definitions for several programs to have correct concurrency and execkey settings
  • [CS-941] - Added fixes for customers using HostBridge to process CA-Ideal panels for version 15 and later of CA-Ideal 
  • [CS-946] - Prevented the occurrence of SC78-A8 abends when HBz cannot allocate a zIIP server task 
  • [RFE-123] - Fixed situation where HB_TELON_RENAME will not activate under Link3270 bridge
  • [RFE-141] - Eliminate nulls in certain messages from HBR$MFST
  • [RFE-144] - ZAAP time eliminated from HBZIQPRC message if 0
  • [RFE-154] - StringBuffer.setBinaryAt() digit check for 64 bit values fixed to match COBOL behavior
  • [RFE-156] - Changed HBR$STAT and HBR#STAT to be LEASM
  • [RFE-161] - StringBuffer.substring() now handles arguments same as JS substring
  • [RFE-169] - Removed specific VSE code from Session Monitor
  • [RFE-170] - Fixed situation where UCTRANS setting can be affected when HBSM abends
  • [RFE-172] - Created new primer for activities that matches supplied HBR@AUTO parmlib member
  • [RFE-173] - Corrected HBSM to properly display unformatted GWA  when over X'EB0' in length
  • [RFE-174] - Fixed invalid HB_SHOW_EMPTY value in COMMAREA
  • [RFE-179] - Corrected situation where non-text members in a repository can no longer be displayed in Promote
  • [RFE-180] - PROMOTE JCL modified to turn off DEBUG flag
  • [RFE-181] - Added RDO Entries for Trusted Host Capability
  • [RFE-186] - HBR$DJSN \t in strings no longer result in invalid escape character in string error
  • [RFE-188] - Fixed high-speed JSON parser to support numbers larger than 2**30
  • [MISC-1] - Established the default for the LEENV directive as O

Eclipse Plugin Fixes

  • [RFE-122] - Remove hb_link3270 from Application Explorer configuration panel
  • [RFE-127] - Prevented a subsystem error being thrown when closing terminal window
  • [RFE-175] - Repository Names with Embedded Blanks Accepted When Defining a Repository to a Region

Documentation Changes

  • [CS-580] - Added documentation for HBZT RECYCLE
  • [CS-581] - Need to set Preauthenticate to true for any .net request to the host if CWXN elimination is in place
  • [CS-601] - Fixed broken link to list of HostBridge VSAM files 
  • [CS-602] - Added documentation to explain a return code of 12 for migrating empty files 
  • [CS-612] - Clarified unclear instructions concerning the RDO entries for the AOR regions
  • [CS-614] - Provided samples to invoke HBR$INIT and HBZ$INIT via the CICS sequential card facility instead of via the PLT
  • [CS-617] - Documented HTTP Response Code (301) and what to do if it occurs
  • [CS-640] - Provided documentation for the differences between HBR@INIT and HBR$INIT 
  • [CS-661] - Documented license key expiration message format
  • [CS-684] - Clarified what versions of HostBridge work in a particular CICS release
  • [CS-714] - Documented error message ""mscript:0: Error: Get failed with error code 19" as indicating a missing repository
  • [CS-718] - Documented issue with pointing TCPIPSERVICE definition to the wrong program
  • [CS-776] - Documented that HostBridge (via IBM) supports KDFAES encryption
  • [CS-787] - Documented reasons for HTTP 503 errors when using HostBridge
  • [CS-790] - Documented HostBridge behavior when DPL LINKS and Long running mirror enabled in AORs
  • [CS-791] - Documented what happens when a license key check fails with error code 70 (security error accessing a DOCTEMPLATE PDS) 
  • [CS-824] - Documented what to do in the plugin to change JavaScript Region Properties from an HTTP port to an HTTPS port 
  • [CS-831] - Documents script behavior when working with a VSAM file containing non numeric data in a COMP-3 field
  • [CS-843] - Documented where to find HostBridge release in JESMSGLG
  • [CS-859] - Properly documented HB_SHOW_DATA=2
  • [CS-878] - Documented HB_ERTL directive
  • [CS-906] - Clarified where to find base and HB.js TCPIPSERVICE port definitions when doing installation tests
  • [RFE-132] - Document
  • [RFE-189] - Initial documentation of hbutil common and debugging packages

Utility Script (hbutils) Improvements


  • toXml method added to copybookMethods (common)
  • toJSObject method added to copybookMethods (common)


  • DebugControl.html Changed to embed hb_logo_horizontal.jpg (common)
  • index parameter added to getAttr method in copybookMethods (common)
  • precision processing corrected in get method in copybookMethods (common)


  • cbToXML (common)
  • xmlToCb (common)

Product Enhancements

  • [CS-775] - HB.engine.elapsedRunTimeLimit now uses the transaction runaway timer and then if the transaction specifies SYSTEM, the system level timer
  • [CS-792] - exec.extractTcpip enhanced to accept servername as well as clientname 
  • [RFE-115] - zIIP enable HostBridge when linked from Cobol Program
  • [RFE-123] - HB_TELON_RENAME will not activate under Link3270 bridge
  • [RFE-147] - Cics.exec.inquireTask supports .attachtime on output
  • [RFE-153] - "StringBuffer.setBinaryAt() optional parameter added controlling whether the range check occurs, default is true
  • [RFE-166] - New view showing output as HexDump -- ability to switch on/off
  • [RFE-178] - getFieldWithCursor() and getFieldNameWithCursor() added to HB.Session
  • [RFE-183] - ECMAScript padStart() and padEnd() added to javascript string object
  • [RFE-185] - "ECMAScript isArray(), find(), findIndex() and includes() added to Array object"
  • [RFE-187] - HB.toHexDump() added

Eclipse Plugin Enhancements

  • [RFE-120] - Added an option under Preferences > HostBridge > Terminal to allow specification of a single key (in addition to Pause) to be mapped to CLEAR
  • [RFE-177] - Enhanced error messages when creating new repositories

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