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HostBridge case studies present stories of real customers overcoming business and technology challenges by using HostBridge to integrate CICS applications and mainframe data with enterprise applications, web, SOA, and cloud.

Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS): Web Enabling Mainframe Medicaid Applications

AHCCCS uses HostBridge to Web-enable CA Ideal applications as modern Web portals to ensure easy, direct application access for the state’s 1.3 million Medicaid recipients, 34,000 health providers, and hundreds of call center personnel and other employees. CS-WP_HostBridge_AHCCCS.pdf

CZ Actief in Gezonheid: Integrating CICS® and Lotus® NotesTM

The Netherlands’ third largest provider uses HostBridge to streamline claims processes and improve staff productivity by automating CICS/CA Ideal transactions through a Lotus Notes workflow application. CS_HostBridge_Integrating_CICS_and_Lotus_Notes_CZ_Actief.pdf

Farm Credit Services of America: Cross-Platform Mainframe Integration

FCSAmerica integrates its crucial CICS-based loan accounting system into a multi-platform architecture using HostBridge XML and Web services. CS_HostBridge_Cross-Platform_Integration_FSCAmerica.pdf

Group Health Cooperative: Integrating CA Ideal TM Applications

Group Health Cooperative, a provider of medical coverage and care serving Washington and Idaho, relies on HostBridge to integrate CA-Ideal applications faster and more reliably. CS_HostBridge_Integrating_CA_Ideal_Group_Health.pdf

Hawaiian Electric Company: XML-Enabling a Customer Service Application

HostBridge simplifies integration of CICS data with a Vignette eBusiness application and improves performance and reliability. CS_HostBridge_XML-Enable_Cust_Service_Hawaiian_Electric.pdf

Health Insurance Provider: Web-Enabling CICS Using HostBridge® and WIRE

A major U.S. health insurance provider improved productivity and reduced costs by implementing WIRE, the Web Interface Rules Engine, providing multiple web interfaces that extend mainframe access to all types of users company-wide. CS_HostBridge_WIRE_Web_Enabling_CICS_Health_Insurer.pdf

KPT Insurance: Integrating the Mainframe in an eHealth Cloud Using HostBridge

Swiss insurance provider KPT uses HostBridge to integrate CA Ideal applications and CA Datacom data in a national eHealth cloud for healthcare providers, insurers, and millions of residents.CS-WP_HostBridge_KPT_eHealth.pdf

Main Street America Group: Web Access to CICS Policy Applications

With HostBridge, Main Street America Group enables agents to update CICS-based policy applications via the web, cutting customer response times by two-thirds. CS_HostBridge_Web_Access_to_CICS_Main_Street.pdf

Excel with CICS: City Controller’s Office Streamlines PO Cancellation Using HostBridge Web Services

A large U.S. city uses HostBridge to integrate CICS accounting applications with Microsoft Excel, saving thousands of dollars on a single PO cancellation process. CS_HostBridge_Excel_w_CICS.pdf

Navy Federal Credit Union – IBM/HostBridge Case Study

Using HostBridge Web services, the largest credit union in the world makes its legacy CICS applications accessible to thousands of employees through an easy-to-use Web-based call center app. CS_IBM-HostBridge_Navy_Federal_Credit_Union.pdf

Our Customers

Our customers, some of whom choose not to be named, include:

  • The largest network of security brokerage offices in the U.S.
  • The largest privately held investment securities firm in the world
  • The largest tractor trailer manufacturer in the world
  • The largest composite roof manufacturer in the U.S.
  • The largest credit union in the world
  • The largest dental insurance carrier in the U.S.
  • One of the largest public education institutions in the U.S.
  • Two of the largest defense contractors in the world.
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