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Our brochure, data sheets, and product briefs provide information about HostBridge products, modules, and connectors, as well as integration solutions powered by HostBridge.

HostBridge – Web Services Platform for z/OS

Brochure providing an overview of HostBridge capabilities and benefits: DS-BRO_HostBridge_v6-5.pdf

HostBridge Version 6.5 – New Capabilities in Mainframe Integration/SOA

Data sheet describing v6.5 enhancements, with updated tech specs: DS_HostBridge v6-5 Tech Spec.pdf

HostBridge Redis for z/OS – Ultra-Scalable In-Memory Data Store

Product data sheet on new HostBridge Redis for z/OS: DS_HostBridge_Redis.pdf

HostBridge Socket Support – Optimization for CICS Socket Application Processes

Product data sheet describing HostBridge replacement for CICS Socket Handler and EZASOKET API: DS_HostBridge_Socket_Support.pdf

HostBridge WIRE – Web Interface Rules Engine: Multi-Mode Web Presentation and Integration for the Mainframe

Product data sheet: DS_HB_WIRE.pdf

SOA and Web Services for CICS

Data sheet discussing how HostBridge integrates mainframe resources as XML documents or Web services: ProductLit_SB_HB_SOA-WebServices.pdf

HostBridge Simplifies CICS Integration

Solution summary discussing business and operational benefits of CICS integration: ProductLit_DS_HBSimplifiesIntegration.pdf

Pega Connector for CICS

Product brief describing how HostBridge integrates CICS transactions into Pega business process management (BPM) flows via PegaRULES Process Commander: ProductLit_PB_PegaConnector.pdf

Siebel Connector for CICS

Product brief describing how HostBridge integrates CICS transactions with Siebel applications using Siebel SmartScripts: ProductLit_PB_Siebel_Connector_Product_Brief.pdf

Complete CICS Integration for Oracle Solutions

Integration solution summary focused on connectivity between mainframe resources and Oracle Application Server via HostBridge: ProductLit_PB_Oracle_Solutions_PB.pdf

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