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HostBridge white papers provide discussion and analysis of technical issues related to mainframe integration, HostBridge products, and other technologies that support mainframe integration.  

All white papers are in Adobe PDF format.

For further questions about HostBridge products, please contact HostBridge Sales.

Thank you for your interest!

CICS Integration, Web Services, HostBridge, zIIP

Modernizing CICS and System z with Web Services/SOA

Whether you’re presenting legacy apps through a full-featured Web interface or integrating with distributed systems to improve business interoperability, standards-based Web services/SOA remains the express bridge to doing more at lower cost with CICS and mainframe data assets. WP_HostBridge_Modernizing_CICS_System_z_Web_Services_SOA.pdf

An Object Oriented Approach to Modernizing Complex CICS Applications

Using the HostBridge JavaScript Engine, a large organization simplified complex legacy applications and integrated them with modern enterprise-wide systems. Their object-oriented approach enabled them to transform CICS screens into reusable modules called from dynamic assembly-level web services.  See how it works here: WP_HostBridge_Object-Oriented_Approach_to_CICS_Modernization.pdf

zIIP-Enabling CICS® Integration Workloads: HostBridge for zIIP

With HostBridge for zIIP, organizations can run 100% of their CICS integration/SOA workloads on the lower-cost zIIP, deferring capacity upgrades, often improving processing performance, and reducing processing costs and mainframe TCO. Here's how: WP-HostBridge-zIIP-Enable-CICS-WS.pdf

Composing CICS Services: A HostBridge White Book

Get the big picture on CICS services composition. This white book answers essential why, where, and how questions about composing business/web services to integrate CICS. WP_HostBridge_Composing_CICS_Services.pdf

Where CICS Services Are Best Composed

When writing Web services for CICS applications, organizations must decide where to do so – in the middle tier, on the mainframe but outside CICS, or inside CICS. This excerpt from the Composing CICS Services white book shows how some configurations are better than others. WP_HostBridge_Where_CICS_Services_Best_Composed.pdf

SOAP and REST: Choosing Formal or Informal Web Services for CICS Integration

CICS supports SOAP and REST for integrating transaction data. What are they? When should you use them? Why should you care? Read our white paper.  WP_HostBridge_SOAP_or_REST.pdf

SOA Integration for CA Mainframe Resources

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) and web services integration continue to provide organizations with opportunities to do more with existing information resources while reducing cost and complexity. This is especially true for mainframe resources. Find out how in this white paper: WP-WP-HostBridge-SOA-Integration-for-CA.pdf

HostBridge Socket Optimization

How to Optimize CICS Socket Applications and Cut Costs

A customer with high-volume socket applications asked for help reducing CPU burn and saving MIPS. This Letters from the Trenches white paper describes our performance testing and solution – HostBridge Socket Support. WP_HostBridge_How_to_Optimize_CICS_Socket_Infrastructure_130701.pdf

Socket II: Optimizing CICS Socket Processes for a Financial Industry IT Provider

A customer who has very high volume CICS transaction during a four hour peak on the first of each month asked if HostBridge could maximize their system performance. Using HostBridge Socket Support, the customer saw a significant reduction in GP CPU time during those peak hours.  Read how: LFT-WP_HostBridge_Socket_II.pdf

HostBridge WIRE: Application/Interface Modernization

The Mobile Mainframe: Mainframe Access from Handheld Devices with HostBridge WIRE

With HostBridge WIRE, organizations can mobilize the mainframe, providing employees, partners, and customers with anytime, everywhere mainframe access via tablets, smartphones, or any mobile device.  See how in this white paper: WP_HostBridge_WIRE_Mobile_Mainframe.pdf

The Web- and Mobile-Enabled Mainframe: Applications and Interfaces for Modern Users

HostBridge WIRE helps organizations gain productivity, operational efficiency, and cost savings by enabling modernized mainframe access via Web and mobile devices; includes state DMV, motor vehicle manufacturer, and health-insurance provider use cases.  Read all about it here: WP_HostBridge_WIRE_Web_Mobile_Enabling_Mainframe.pdf

HostBridge Case Study White Papers

Arizona AHCCCS: Web-Enabling Mainframe Medicaid Applications with HostBridge Web Services

The Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) uses HostBridge Web services to stream CA Ideal applications and Datacom data to modern Web portals for Medicaid members, care providers, and employees.  Read their success story here: CS-WP-HostBridge-AHCCCS.pdf

KPT Insurance: Integrating the Mainframe in an eHealth Cloud Using HostBridge

Swiss insurance provider KPT uses HostBridge to integrate CA Ideal applications and CA Datacom data in a national eHealth cloud for healthcare providers, insurers, and millions of residents.  Read their success story here:   CS-WP-HostBridge-KPT-eHealth.pdf

HostBridge Technical White Papers

HostBridge and Elvis: We Do Performance

Russ Teubner visits Elvis’s birthplace to investigate performance (i.e., mainframe) – load testing, CICS aux traces, TCP/IP tuning.... Read the white paper, and let’s rock n’ roll! WP_HostBridge_LFT_Elvis_HostBridge_Performace.pdf

Blast from the Past: A FEPI Retrospective with IBM Developer Robert Harris

While working a customer’s FEPI requirement, Russ Teubner reconnected with Robert Harris, one of the IBMers responsible for FEPI design/development. Read their interview about FEPI’s roots: WP_HostBridge_FEPI.pdf

Using HostBridge With Specific Technologies

HostBridge and WebSphere: Integrating CICS with IBM’s Application Server

Given the flexibility of both HostBridge and WebSphere, there are numerous ways a WebSphere application can integrate with a CICS transaction using HostBridge. This white paper discusses the use of HostBridge to integrate existing CICS applications with WebSphere. WP_Integrating_CICS_with_IBM_App_Server.pdf

HostBridge and BizTalk: Integrating CICS with eBusiness Processes

Microsoft's BizTalk Server includes a suite of tools and services that enable enterprises to build and deploy integrated business processes within the organization and with trading partners. This white paper examines how HostBridge integrates existing CICS applications with BizTalk. WP_Integrating_CICS_Ebusiness_Processes.pdf

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