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The HB_ENTRY directive combines the functionality of the HB_DATA and HB_TRANID directives.  It specifies the transaction ID and the data typed after the transaction ID as if this transaction was executed from a terminal. 

For example, if you typed the following at a terminal to execute the 'TRAD' transaction:

TRAD 123456789

the HB_ENTRY equivalent would be

HB_ENTRY=TRAD - 123456789

The directive uses a “-” to separate the transaction and data values.  This The directive above is equivalent to specifying HB_TRANID=TRAD&HB_DATA=123456789.  When HostBridge receives the HB_TRANID and HB_DATA pair of directives, it inserts a space as the separator character. When it receives the HB_ENTRY directive, HostBridge passes the value to the CICS application unmodified.

Format:  HB_ENTRY=value or <hb_entry>value</hb_entry>

Values:  Any character string that starts with a valid transaction ID followed by a "-"    

Default Value:  None

Example:  HB_ENTRY=TRAD - 123456789 or <hb_entry>TRAD - 123456789</hb_entry>

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