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From a cleared CICS screen, type in the transaction HTAC and press the Enter key.  You should see:

This will give you a list of all valid HTAC commands.

When you press the Enter key, the following will be displayed:

Now, type in the following HTAC command:


Press the Enter key, and you should see:

When you type in HTAC HELP, followed by a command name, you will display a description of how the command works.

Pressing the Enter key again will take you back to the prior screen:

Now we will start two emitters using TCP as a communication protocol (other choices are UDP and HTTP) by issuing the following command:


Press the Enter key.  The following (or similar) will be displayed:

If you receive a message that HTAC is not initialized, check to make sure that the PLT Initialization module defined in the installation procedure was properly installed. If it was not, then issue an HTAC INIT command, then retry the HTAC START,2,TCP command.

At this point two emitters will be running, and will contain information obtained from the CICS Monitor, organized in JSON format.  This information can then be interrogated by the Splunk client.  Here is a sample of what the JSON document will look like: TAC_Sample_Output.json

Press the Enter key again to see the prior screen:

Finally, enter the following command to reset HTAC:  


and press the Enter key.  You will see the following:

Pressing Enter again will provide more information:

Pressing Enter again will redisplay the HTAC RESET command.

If at any time you receive a response other than the one indicated in the example output above, check the syntax of the commands that you entered and try again.  If the problem persists, you should contact our support center.

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